Spanish Fiesta

From the bullrunning in Pamplona to the tomato fight in Bunyol, Spain is renowned for its fiestas. Spain is made up of 17 autonomous regions which display real diversity in their cultural and culinary traditions. Taste through the wines of Spain and explore the regions of delicious wines! Tasting from 2-6 pm


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Date: 06/26/2021

Red, White & Rosé Wines

Celebrate Fourth of July with these choice celebratory wines for warmer weather!! Free in-store tasting from 2-6 pm

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Date: 07/03/2021

Summer Sippers, Patio Pounders

Are you wondering what a Patio Pounder is? A Patio Pounder is essentially a wine that you drink outside on the patio, on the deck, on the boat or somewhere outside. For a wine to be deemed a Patio Pounder it needs to have a big 'gulp' factor, meaning you have to stop yourself from finishing the bottle-it's just that good! 2-6 pm

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Date: 07/10/2021

Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate Tasting






At Kendall-Jackson, making wines has become a tradition,and plan to pass it down for generations to come. Jess Jackson taught America what Chardonnay tastes like, but there is so much more in this family's portfolio. Join us as we discover all California has to offer at this tasting. 2-6 pm

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Date: 07/17/2021