All Wine Tasting Guidlines

• Please stand behind the markers on the floor until your turn
• Glasses are selected before tasting
• Stay at least six feet apart from other parties
• Face Coverings are mandatory for all, removal acceptable to taste but must be replaced
• Use hand sanitizers
• No spit buckets available
• Any individuals with Covid-19 symptoms should avoid gatherings and stay home.

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Date: 02/16/2021

Wines of Portugal

Portugal’s varieties are unique, with thrillingly different flavors. Yet quality-wise there has been no resting on traditional laurels. Terroir is so diverse. From north to south, from east to west, from mountain to maritime vineyards, hot and dry or cool and green. In every style, from fizz to port, from crisp dry whites to elegant reds, in so many diverse ways, Portuguese wines are unique. Discover many examples of this country at this Free tasting from 2-6 pm.

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Date: 04/17/2021

Banville Wine Merchants

Founded in 2004 with deep roots in Italy, today Banville Wine Merchants represents meticulously selected wineries and distilleries from top producing regions around the world that share a common belief in integrity, quality, authenticity and family. Join us as we bring their outstanding wines to your attention at this free socially distant wine tasting from 2-6 pm.

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Date: 04/24/2021

Wines of Spain

Spain's unique geography and situation are responsible for the wide range of climates available throughout the country which give rise to a large number of different grape varieties which can be cultivated there. early 3 million acres in Spain are used to plant grapes for the production of Spanish wine. This makes it the country with the largest surface percentage dedicated to wine cultivation. Enjoy some outstanding examples of these wine areas. 2-6 pm

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Date: 05/01/2021